About Us

A leader in marketing technology

The MailUp Group is a result of technological research and of the entrepreneurial success of MailUp S.p.A. – the parent company that developed a digital cloud computing platform used by SMEs and large corporations to communicate with their customers via email and SMS. In addition to features for creating and sending communication campaigns, MailUp develops integrations and advanced automation, targeting and tracking tools.

International presence

After becoming a leading player in the ESP sector and being listed on the AIM market of the Italian Stock Exchange, MailUp has embarked on a path of growth by acquiring both established and emerging companies: Acumbamail (Spanish and Latam markets), Globase (Nordics market) and Agile Telecom (SMS wholesale market). The brand portfolio is completed by BEE – an email editor launched in 2014 as a complementary business line which already has thousands of customers worldwide. This is how the MailUp Group was formed – today an international company with 9 offices worldwide.


Email is our digital passport, which we use to communicate, share and shop. Thanks to our technology and expertise, we have been cultivating a practice of responsible and authorized email marketing since 2003, providing companies with the tools to communicate with their customers quickly, securely and reliably. To us, email is the backbone of the marketing technology sector.